Back to school nerves

The start of a new school year in September is often an anxious time for many kids and parents. Some may even be starting a new school, having to make new friends, learn about the routines and structure of a new environment. But even going back to the same school in a new school year brings its own challenges, and that’s before we add a global pandemic to the mix!

Now children (and parents) have the added anxiety of having been away from school for six months, and having to adjust to new procedures whether that be wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing, differences in timetables, lunches, breaks, bubbles – there’s a lot to get used to!

Whilst our kids are incredible, adaptable and hugely resilient, they still may be feeling worried about what the new term brings. Although they may not verbalise their anxiety – it can show up in many ways. Some examples might be unexplained tummy aches, headaches, inability to fall asleep, aggressive or obsessive behaviour or even being unusually quiet and introverted.


There are several thousand homeopathic remedies and finding the right one that matches your child and their behaviour and symptoms means that the right remedy can provide balance and even emotional support. The remedies all work on an individual’s energy – restoring balance so that things become easier to cope with, and even symptoms and worries can just disappear. Although this can seem too good to be true for the sceptics among us – I can honestly say that I have seen this in action many times and parents can be stunned at the difference in their children’s anxiety following homeopathic treatment.

Some of the many homeopathic remedies for anxiety include

Argentum Nitricum (Arg nit) – this would apply when there is anxiety to do well – often before a performance or a big event. Anxiety can also be accompanied by digestive issues such as bloating, diarrhoea and gas, as well as a love of sweets. The anxiety can often be constant rather than sudden and violent. The thought of meeting someone new can give them palpitations, trembling and stomach cramps.

Aconite – children that do well on aconite have a big fear of going to school, and might even suffer with panic attacks. They may have cold sweats, feel chilly, feel worse in cold weather and avoid crowded places – especially the school playground. Symptoms and feelings come on very suddenly and without warning.

Baryta Carbonicum – this remedy can be helpful to people who lack confidence, are shy and fear strangers, often meaning that they have few friends. They can be needy and dependent in their relationships, under sensitive to pain and generally low self esteem.

Arsenicum Album – there is a great anxiety generally for their health – especially of getting the virus. They will always wash their hands obsessively, and stick to all the rules. People who need Arsenicum can be restless and anxious, and want to be in control, as well as be super organised/obsessive in their behaviours. Often accompanied by digestive issues and grumbling stomach. They are very tidy, but also very restless.

Calcarea Carbonica (calc carb) – children who would suit this remedy do not like change. They like to be at home, they like their routines, they like to feel safe and are happy when they are in their safe routine and avoiding risks. They can also being really stubborn when their routine or safety is challenged.

Pulsatilla – these children are usually very weepy and clingy – they like to have attention and support and may cling to their parents or teachers and not want to let go! Great for separation anxiety!

Gelsenium – children who suit this remedy can feel overwhelmed with anxiety about starting school, to the point of trembling and being unable to speak clearly. With their fear they can almost feel paralysed and might get flushed in their face – hot with fear.

Stramonium – this remedy can be good for people suffering from night terrors or nightmares – about school or otherwise. Often there will be a fear of the dark or of being alone.

Calcarea phosphorica (calc phos) – this can be great for kids who experience tummy aches or headaches before school.

There is no one size fits all approach – any treatment should be individual and bespoke to the person. Having a session with a qualified homeopath means that you can get the right remed for you as an individual on an emotional and physical level.

Homeopathy can be really helpful in anxiety and there are many more remedies that can be used depending on symptoms. Most of the above can be taken in an acute situation – as and when the anxiety presents itself – but for chronic anxiety where there are many factors at play – it’s always best to seek advice and help from many sources. There may be a place for pharmaceutical medication, counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy as well as homeopathy and a combination of approaches can often effect long term improvements. 

If you would like to book a homeopathy session with me for anxiety, back to school nerves or anything else that may be troubling you, please contact me here.