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Homeobotanicals Blends

Homeobotanicals are blends of organic herbal compositions that work in a dynamic and synergistic way to bring the body back into balance, supporting our organ systems so that they can work better. These blends work to help the body detoxify so that we can function more efficiently and decrease our toxic burden.

These herbal tinctures are prepared in a homeopathic way so that they are a blend of herbal remedies and homeopathic remedies. This means that they are more gentle than traditional herbal tinctures and are safe to take for adults, kids and during pregnancy.

They help to create BALANCE in the body. So they nourish the body, support our detox organs (such as kidneys, liver, lymph) as well as re energising and supporting our mental and emotional wellbeing. Each blend contains well known herbs that are supportive and nourishing for a particular organ or system, in order to optimise their healing properties.

Some of the many homeobotanical blends available are for sleep, skin conditions, liver and kidney support, draining and detox, stress and overwhelm, digestive support and nutritional balance, mucous drainage, hormonal imbalances, menopausal symptoms and much more.

Some of the client feedback after using these homeobotanical blends includes

“My sleep has improved so much thank you! I am now getting more restful sleep and waking less often in the night. The quality of my sleep feels more refreshing as well.”

“My hot flushes disappeared overnight! I was having regular night sweats and these have disappeared since taking this tincture.”

“Since taking the tonic you gave me for stress and overwhelm, I have noticed that the tight feeling in my chest has disappeared. Thank you so much!”

“I notice that when I forget to take the digestion tonic, I am much more bloated, sluggish and uncomfortable after mealtimes. So I know it’s working!”

“The tincture that you gave me really helped clear my post nasal drip within a couple of weeks. The sinus pain that I usually have has also much improved.”

“Since taking the liver and digestion tonic, I have noticed that I have started to sweat, which I never used to! So this must be good news in terms of detoxing”

I usually prescribe these as part of a nutrition and/or homeopathy session with a client as they are a great way to support healing and rebalancing in the body. I also offer a mini session for these homeobotanical blends so that I can understand your symptoms and background, in order to make up the best personalised blend to suit your needs.

Please be in touch if you would like to book at mini session with me, or learn more about these wonderful remedies.