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What my clients say


I was recommended to Kelly by a friend as my IBS and Diverticular disease were out of control. The sessions with her turned things around in a very short time. Kelly is very easy to talk to and knew immediately how to treat my problems with her vast knowledge of gut related ailments.

I can now look forward to an improved way of living thanks to her.


Kelly has really helped me understand what I need to help my body function with Nutrition, and more recently has helped me emotionally with a Homeopathy session. She really listens to you without judgement, full of compassion and empathy. I have been feeling so much better with the advice and treatment she has given me.

I would highly recommend Kelly, she has made such a positive difference to my life

EMN London

Kelly has succeeded in making positive changes to my health, when mainstream clinicians were not able to. Kelly took a really scientific approach and was able to prescribe solutions which made a difference within a couple of weeks. Kelly uses a person -centred , holistic approach, and especially for women - this is crucial.

SKNorth London

Thank you so much Kelly. I knew you were knowledgeable, but you combined that with great patience, kindness and understanding - and that's not an easy combination!


I didn’t have any glaring health issues when I started seeing Kelly a few months ago after being highly recommended by a friend, but I wanted to optimise my health as I enter my sixties.  We did a hair tissue mineral test (HTMA) that highlighted things I was unaware of and left unaddressed may show up as a health issue further down the line. After following Kelly’s guidance and recommendations for just a few months, I feel really good, and it has been about adding things to my daily life, rather than taking things away.Kelly’s manner is gentle and encouraging, her knowledge extensive; there is no one diet/lifestyle plan that fits all, a personalised health plan is the way forward I feel, and Kelly can provide that


MichelleLondon, UK

I have been seeing Kelly for nutrition consultations for around 6 months now. She has helped me start to regain control over a long standing eating disorder, and then we integrated some homeopathy to help me with my emotional relationship with food.We have also addressed my low thyroid function which was diagnosed many years ago but medication hasn’t been fully helping. We did a Hair Tissue Mineral test which revealed a very low functioning thyroid and adrenals as well as some minerals I had in excess and some which were depleted. We have worked to get this all in balance and my energy is certainly improving.She has an all round approach and understands much more than most nutritionists. She is very interested in all aspects of you and doesn’t isolate food issues even though her knowledge is really impressive. She understands we are a whole and complex being and I was able to tell her many things which troubled me and she always listened with respect and empathy.

I feel very lucky to have found her.

SimoneLondon, UK

I brought my daughter to see Kelly for a Homeopathy session. She’d been having daily earaches for a period of three months and we had seen two top ENT surgeons in London. There was no infection and they couldn’t find any cause for her pain. It was affecting her sleep and she was missing school regularly and there was nothing the doctors could suggest to help since there was nothing to find, despite several tests. We saw Kelly and she immediately put my daughter at ease and was able to uncover some other events such as nightmares that my daughter was having. Kelly came up with a remedy that fitted the physical pain of the ear aches as well as the emotional issues relating to the nightmares and her phobias. All this resulted in taking two little white pills and after the second dose, the earaches stopped and the nightmares went.This was 6 months ago now and there have been no earaches or nightmares since. It’s just amazing how this has worked and my daughter now calls them magic pills.

Now I have Kelly to call upon any time my kids feel unwell or for various knocks and bumps. It’s great to have such a knowledge and empathic homeopath in my corner.


I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes some years ago and came to see Kelly for advice on how to manage it as the doctors didn’t really have much information on nutrition for Diabetes. Kelly was very knowledgeable on this condition and was able to explain how some small but effective changes could help me bring my sugar levels under control and avoid the spikes of insulin.After just one month of implementing Kelly’s nutrition and lifestyle plan, my blood sugar levels have dropped significantly to almost normal (non-diabetic) range. The plan was easy to follow and has made a real impactful difference to my blood glucose and as a bonus I have also lost half a stone in weight. This is a dramatic difference in just a few weeks and I will continue to see Kelly to guide me on keeping my blood sugar levels stable and hopefully get the diabetes into remission - we are not far off achieving this in just 4 weeks.

I highly recommend Kelly as a nutritionist and holistic health coach for her extensive knowledge, compassion and care - as well as clear results!

AngieWatford, UK

All my life I have suffered with bouts of debilitating digestive problems and had come to accept them as part of my genetic makeup and something that had to be endured.
I consulted Kelly because things had steadily worsened over time and I was really at the end of my tether.
From the start I found her to be extremely professional in her approach with knowledge outside anything I had encountered before. She was both truthful and realistic in telling me that recovery might take some time an I appreciated her honesty which was coupled with kindness and empathy for my situation.
After following her advice for some months I am feeling so much better and stronger and therefore have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is looking to improve their overall health and well being for a better future.

Catalin BCatalin BWPHostee Team

I sincerely recommend Kelly Conway as your pro nutritionist for 2020!

April 2020