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Hair tissue mineral analysis

The hair is a soft tissue, and so taking a sample for analysis can provide much information on the levels of minerals in the soft tissues in the body. There are over 20 individual minerals detected in this test, as well as several toxic metals. Mineral levels in the hair are around ten times that of the blood, which makes it a highly accurate and non-invasive test.

The body will always do everything it can to keep mineral levels stable and in balance in the blood – this is called homeostasis. So a blood test will usually show mineral levels within range because the body will always prioritise the levels in the blood to keep us in homeostasis. Also toxic metals won’t generally be found in the blood – they are secreted away in soft tissues in the body – to ‘safer’ organs and tissues.

In order to achieve homeostasis, the body is engaging in a constant balancing act, adjusting the levels of minerals in order to cope with internal and external stresses. This all requires a lot of energy, and so the aim in nutritional balancing, as a result of this test is to reduce the amount of changes the body needs to make to maintain homeostasis, and in this way, freeing up more energy that can be used for healing and repair.

The sample is taken from the roots of the hair, and around an inch or so is used. This provides a picture of roughly the last 3 months activity in the soft tissue, as opposed to a blood test which is a snapshot in time and would in fact vary even in a sample taken a few hours later.

The information gleaned from a hair tissue mineral test is both extensive and valuable, providing an insight in to health tendencies for over 30 common health conditions, often before any symptoms arise.

What we can tell from a Hair Tissue Mineral Test

Information from this test include glandular activity relating to the thyroid and adrenal glands, glucose/carbohydrate tolerance which is absolutely critical in metabolic health, as well as hormone imbalances and overall vitality and energy. These are some of the ratios covered in the results, as well as the individual levels of macro and micro minerals. Minerals are the spark plugs of our biochemistry – all reactions and processes that happen in the body are catalysed by enzymes, and every enzyme requires minerals as co-factors.

Finally the test shows the presence of toxic metals in the tissues. We are all exposed to metals in our daily lives, be it aluminium from many anti perspirant deodorants, arsenic in the soil and in pesticides, mercury from fish for example. The body then needs to detoxify these metals (requiring a healthy liver, kidneys, lymphatic system) rather than have them stored somewhere in the body (often in fatty organs such as the brain). The presence of toxic metals in a a hair tissue mineral analysis will actually show evidence that the body is eliminating the metal and that our detox systems are working well.

As such, this is a great tool for determining overall health and vitality, glandular activity, mineral levels, detoxification capabilities, and a great way of monitoring improvements.

Once the hair sample is sent to the laboratory and I have received their results, I will prepare a full report and analysis, as well as advise several recommendations to action. This is all fully customised and personalised to you – there are no protocols that will work for everyone. Having a session with you will also enable me to walk you through these results and allow me to further personalise my recommendations to you in the context of your lifestyle, eating habits and health concerns.

If you are interested in finding out more about this test or have any questions, please contact me.