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Corporate Wellbeing

Looking after the wellbeing of our employees is of utmost importance and something that most corporate institutions are now focusing a significant amount of their resources on.

Not only do we want to make sure our employees are physically fit and well, but we equally want them to be happy and feel valued. So looking after their physical and mental health is vital. After all, healthy, happy employees means increased productivity and creativity, as well as fewer sick days.

I have recently been providing nutrition and lifestyle webinars to various corporates including the Financial Conduct Authority, BDO Financial Services. I have also provided webinars to the wonderful NHS, where I presented nutritional information and tips, on a complimentary basis, for the busy A&E Doctors and Nurses at some of London’s busiest hospitals during the current pandemic.

My aim is to educate and empower webinar attendees so that they can make informed decisions on their food and lifestyle, so as to best serve their physical and mental health.

The most popular webinar topics have been

  • Nutrition for Physical and Mental Health – an introduction to the power of nutrition and other lifestyle changes on our overall health
  • Diabetes type 2 – how to prevent, manage and even reverse the world’s fastest growing modern chronic disease
  • Winter immunity webinar – a focus on foods and lifestyle interventions to help support our immunity through the winter months
  • Mood-Food connection – how what we eat influences our mental health, anxiety, emotions, creativity, mental cognition and sleep patterns
  • Lockdown Food Fatigue – tips on staying mentally and physically healthy during times of restriction, including meal and snack swaps, practical advice and the science behind forming new habits.
  • Diet Culture – why fad diets don’t work in the long term, and why we should be looking at food for the nourishments and nutrients it provides us, not the calories.
  • Nutrition for Cardiovascular Health – according to the WHO, 80% of premature heart attacks and strokes are infact preventable, by lifestyle and diet changes. This webinar clears up the cholesterol confusion, looks at how heart disease develops, and how changing what we eat and how we live can do so much in terms of prevention.

The feedback from just some of the attendees so far has been

“Thank you Kelly for such an inspiring webinar. So much information in such a short space of time!”

“This has been most insightful and helpful. Please can we arrange more of these sessions?”

“Once again Kelly this has been full of great information as well as giving practical advice on implementing it all. Thank you so much.”

Testimonial from BDO Financial Services

“Kelly ran a fantastic one hour online session with us at BDO on Nutrition for Health and Immunity in January 2021. We advertised the event firm-wide and had over 130 people in attendance. Kelly’s session was incredibly useful in covering a huge amount of information in a concise and easy to understand way. The content provided was a really good fit for a professional services context, and ideas shared were ones that could be immediately implemented. Kelly was also brilliantly encouraging throughout with a focus on taking small steps for better health which helped empower participants that simple changes can have a knock on affect.”

“Colleagues found the event really engaging and we had so many questions that we could not get to answering all of them within the time. At the end of the session, we had a long list of positive comments in the chat box about how valuable employees found Kelly’s talk, with several asking for Kelly to return in future.”

Wellbeing Manager, BDO

Please be in touch if you would like further information on any of my webinars that focus on nutrition for physical and mental health. I would love to be able to empower and educate your employees on how to take charge of their health.